About Us

Hydro Handle is a brand owned by American General Tool Group manufacturing and distributing ergonomically designed premium solution that delivers a controlled water stream to a variety of accessories turning your cordless drill into a powerful water feed drilling and polishing machine. With fantastic fatigue free design, versatility and toughness, Hydro Handle is meant to deliver performance that can't be achieved with any other competing product.

Hydro Handle is a unique solution for handymen who want their cordless drill to be a multi-dimensional tool and not just a drill. We took the idea and turned it into a reality putting hundreds and hundreds of hours into the idea that led us to a great result in the form of Hydro Handle.

We remain devoted to the concept we've initiated by iterating on our original product and bringing all the improvements possible taking into account valuable feedback and criticism from our customers as well as quality assurance department. Your trust in Hydro Handle turned it into a viable product, your trust will take it to new heights